Pure Silver Centerpiece – Red Bowl


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Add a special touch to your home with this gorgeous centerpiece. Made with pure silver and a colored enamel that coats it on one side. This innovative product displays a contemporary and exclusive design distinguished by its harmonious shapes. It could be used as a fruit bowl or just displayed on a shelf, countertop, or table. The local artisans who manufacture this centerpiece use environment-friendly techniques. The product was coated with silver by means of the Cam Sputtering Ag production process. This production process has been verified by Azienda Speciale R.P.Q. Pure silver cannot be used with regular jewelry because it is too soft. That is why sterling silver is made with 5% or 7.5% copper mixed in with the silver. Pure silver does not have any copper. Therefore, it is more valuable. Because of the special process used to create this centerpiece, it should only be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. Avoid using chemicals or abrasive products which might damage the product and make it lose its luster. Do not wash in the dishwasher and avoid immersing the product in water or other liquids. Dimensions measure 10 inch diameter x 3 inches thick


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