3 Prevention Tips to Keep your Sterling Silver Jewelry from Tarnishing

3 Prevention Tips to Keep your Sterling Silver Jewelry from Tarnishing Don’t you hate it when you are getting ready for a night out and all you need is to add the finishing touch by slipping on that beautiful sterling silver bracelet or your favorite silver necklace only to find out that it has tarnished? As co-founder of Zaki Silver I would love to help you avoid this situation by highlighting the important jewelry tarnish prevention techniques: Wear, Avoid, Store!

In Allison Dial’s article How To Care For Sterling Silver Jewelry, she goes into simple scientific terms to show you how and why silver tarnishes. However, many sterling silver pieces have an oxidization effect on purpose. Allison tells us how and why oxidized sterling silver jewelry should be cleaned separately. She also points out the main advantages of professional care versus home remedies to clean your jewelry. Nonetheless, I would like to focus on the preventative care section in her article which will help you take simple steps to prevent tarnish so that you rarely have to spend time cleaning it. Avoiding certain substances like housing cleaners and hair spray are important as well as storing your sterling silver jewelry properly when not in use.

Someone asked on Quora if you can wear sterling silver jewelry in water. Lisa Krikawa @LisaKrikawa from Krikawa engagement rings had the best answer as she talked about the different kinds of water we might be exposed to. It’s not the same if you are just going to wash your hands with tap water versus swimming in the ocean. The salt water or a chlorinated pool or Jacuzzi could have ill effects on your silver jewelry. Lisa separates the types of water and gives suggestions for each one.

With years of experience in the jewelry industry and talking first hand with silversmiths and artisans, I have come up with three actions you should take to prevent your sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing:

Wear your jewelry – By wearing your silver jewelry, the oils from your skin will actually keep it from tarnishing and make it look beautiful.

Avoid harmful substances – Sterling silver’s enemies are air, sun, rubber, perfume, hair spray, cleaning products, salt, chlorine, olives, eggs, and salad dressings, just to name a few.

Store jewelry properly – Storing your sterling silver jewelry in a zip locked bag while not in use keeps it away from the elements and keeps it from tarnishing until you are ready to wear it again.

By taking into account these simple steps, you can prevent your sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing, avoid having to clean it, and make you look beautiful every day!

Whereas you probably won’t be rubbing a Thousand Island or Ranch over your jewelry, you should take it off before swimming in a pool or soaking in a hot tub (chlorine) or in the ocean (salt and sun). Oh, and spray your perfume on your neck and let dry before slipping on your sterling silver necklace.

You bought your sterling silver jewelry to show it off, right? Go ahead!


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